A club in Tallinn

One of the biggest clubs in the downtown of Tallinn, located directly in the heart of business district, being easily accessible to the audience interested in partying in Tallinn

Since the club is focused on people who are 20-40 years old, the choice of DJs and performers in wide. The high-class entertainment of the club is evidenced by top-notch ones.

Both club members and performers are attracted by the size of the club, with its high-level lighting and sound equipment. Decolte awaits everyone with its relaxing environment. Here you can be in the middle of party as well as in the intimate isolation. The clubhouse is situated on two floors and is equipped with comfortable leather sofas. The new style bars will surprise you with special offers.

Nightclub Decolte
Club Decolte themed bars beginn working at the end of summer – on the first floor
There are bars Zone and Energy. The Zone is for tough men – leather jackets, short stories, special party. Energy, however, is a non-stop party from the opening of the club to shutting down, energetic drinks will charge your battery.

On the second floor there are Tropic and Fashion bars. Tropic is the coctail garden of the sunny cocktails and palm alleys. Fashion bar cocktails have gained inspiration from top models and fashion designers.

As Decolte Club owners belive, An advantage over other clubs is the size that allows them to rent a club for bigger or smaller events. The club has an area of 2850 m² and can accommodate up to 2,500 people. The club is suitable for organizing concerts, presentations, seminars, company parties, celebrations and other events. To celebrate your birthday or other anniversary, the customer can reserve a VIP bar, an open box or an open balcony. For the big events it is possible to rent out the full club and order on a program, catering and banquet, all on a prior agreement.